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VARTA Car Batteries Never Stop Giving

vartaVARTA car batteries are powerful, maintenance free and long lasting. In fact, VARTA batteries are the first choice of automobile manufacturers and the recognized benchmark for quality in the battery industry. VARTA produces dependable batteries for commercial, automotive, motorcycle and leisure applications.

Every vehicle has specific specifications for battery performance, and the VARTA line of automotive batteries has been designed to meet virtually every car battery need. No matter which battery you choose, you’ll get guaranteed starting power and dependable energy for every electronic device. Take the VARTA Start-Stop Plus battery featuring absorbent glass mat technology. This battery is the ideal solution for vehicles with advanced start-stop, fuel-saving and regenerative technologies. Modern high-tech vehicle systems demand large surges of energy at a moments notice. The VARTA Start-Stop Plus brand offers three to four times more cycle life than other batteries. It’s perfect for those performance driven luxury vehicles that require a battery that never stops giving.

The VARTA Dynamic Trio line-up of car batteries makes it easy to choose just the right battery for any vehicle. The Silver Dynamic is a powerhouse that provides reliable energy for vehicles with above average energy requirements.



The Silver Dynamic is reliable in even the coldest of environments and possesses unequaled reserve capacity. VARTA batteries always meet or exceed original equipment (OE) specifications. VARTA Dynamic Trio batteries feature PowerFrame technology and are ideal for diesel vehicles and cars with loads of electronic equipment.

The Blue Dynamic battery brand is VARTA’s powerful all-rounder. This durable battery provides unmatched reliability, superior safety and reliable starting in any weather. The Blue Dynamic is suitable for new or nearly new vehicles with standard equipment. It’s no wonder that this long-lasting battery is so popular in the automotive after-market.

The final member of the VARTA Dynamic Trio is the affordable Black Dynamic. The Black Dynamic is ideal for small or older vehicles with limited electrical requirements. The Blue Dynamic still features VARTA’s legendary quality, but the price is just right. Why purchase more battery than you need, especially for a vehicle that is depreciating quickly.

VARTA car batteries always deliver more than enough power whenever and wherever the need arises. No matter which dependable battery you choose, quality and performance are included in the price. VARTA battery technology is the first choice of the automotive industry.

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The Exide SureLife Graphite Battery

exide AGMExide Technologies has always been at the forefront of battery technology. Customers know that the Exide name means excellence. Recently, Exide battery has created the SureLife Graphite technology for even longer-lasting and well-charged products.

Energy Storage Devices

Since 1888, Exide has been making high-quality car batteries. It has become the second-largest maker of automotive lead-acid batteries in the world. Exide operates in more than 80 countries.

Modern Innovation

On March 13, 2012, Exide launched its newest technology, called SureLife Graphite. This uses flat-plate, Absorbed Glass Mat (AGM) technology to create a longer-lasting battery. The Exide Edge battery for auto, truck or SUV has been shown to be superior to conventional batteries in numerous tests. The traditional "flooded" lead-acid battery submerges plates of lead in an electrolyte solution of sulfuric acid and water. Battery energy is created with the release of electrons from these plates. Exide's absorbed glass mat battery embeds the electrolytes into the mats.

Fulfilling Customer Needs

Customers want car batteries that are powerful, reliable, long-lasting and retain their charge. The Exide Edge AGM battery satisfies all of these consumer needs with flying colors. The AGM technology is more stable because it is not dependent upon electrolyte liquid moving around the battery. This more efficient battery technology powers your vehicle like new for longer.


Battery Failure

Car battery failure is a frequent concern for drivers. No one wants to be stranded in the middle of nowhere due to an unreliable battery. The Exide Edge holds its charge strength longer for more dependable starts. Tests have shown that this Exide Edge battery has improved wear-out rates than the competition. Since the electrolyte liquid is embedded, there is less concern of fluid loss. The Exide battery is naturally spill-proof due to its superior AGM technology.

Better Conductivity

Many batteries don't work due to liquid spillage. These liquid leaks turn into chemical residue that clogs up the system to reduce electrical conductivity. The superior Exide Edge battery uses the AGM technology to prevent evaporation, water loss and dry out. The Exide Edge uses a superior lead, calcium, tin, silver metal alloy for better conductivity. Individual pressure valves prevent cell-to-cell vapor migration. This well-engineered battery delivers faster cranking with fewer shorts.

Advanced Features

Exide Edge has the latest advanced features in battery construction. It has a special pressure venting system, continuous cast grid and high conductivity post. Tests show that the Edge has a higher discharge capacity than other flat-plate AGM batteries. The result has been a longer battery life, increased endurance and heavier load capacity in the Exide Edge AGM car battery. This is truly a battery for the modern era.




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